I am an editorial and portrait photographer with a background in broadcast journalism and environmental science. For over 25 years I travelled around the world, shooting and editing for CNN. I covered all types of stories, including breaking news, features, politics, sports, natural disasters, war, and the environment. Every day was different, and the people I photographed ranged from street beggars to heads of state. In traveling to over 50 countries, I learned to use a visual language to tell their stories.

Many of my favorite stories were about people’s relationship with the environment, and I am fascinated by the natural world. While earning a master’s degree in environmental science, I did research on sea stars in the Great Barrier Reef. My thesis examined a local population of Ailsastra heteractis at the One Tree Island Research Station, and the projected impact of climate change on reproduction and distribution. I also have bachelor’s degrees in both zoology and journalism.

I have lived abroad for over 25 years, and places I’ve called home include Thailand, Australia, Sweden and Puerto Rico. I am currently based in Seattle, Washington.

Journalism Awards

George Polk Award, International TV Reporting (Rohingya), 2009

Amnesty International Media Awards, “The Forgotten People,” 2009

DuPont-Columbia University Awards, Tsunami coverage, 2006

Peabody Award, Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Emmy, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, 2001

National Headliner Awards (First Place), 1992

CINE Golden Eagle Award, “Europe on the Brink”, 1992

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